High-end design for Morelo’s "Palace"

Services: consulting, development, prototyping, production, delivery

For the new "Morelo Palace" high-end luxury motorhome, Joseph Westiform produces technical plastic parts for use both in the interior and on the exterior, all with a luxurious appearance. These parts include decorative chrome panels, a panel in the dashboard for the navigation system and light panels at the rear.

Plastic ABS/PMMA and special ABS for galvanic finishing are used for the components. The plastics are heated up in the thermoforming process until they are pliable, placed over molds and then drawn into them. After cooling, the plastics retain the shape of the mold.

A particular challenge with this project was in the additional development of the plastic parts, in order to find an optimal solution in terms of optics, haptics and weight, which our engineering team solved perfectly.

Bildquelle: Morelo

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